You have reached the website of Airport Coordination Netherlands. Any operator of an aircraft can only land or take off at a coordinated airport after having obtained slots.


Airport Coordination Netherlands allocates slots at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.




AMS S15 SIR (for SIR-file click here)

EIN S15 SIR (for SIR-file click here) and

RTM S15 SIR (for SIR-file click here)


The SIR-files enclosed are the ones dated 11NOV14.


Actual SIR-files can be requested in IATA-format through SAMS, or through e-Airportslots (as an excel-file). IATA-formatted SIR-files can be requested through e-Airportslots as per January 2015.


The above is also applicable to WLT requests.


Online Portal




SACN recently started using another coordination system. As a consequence the Online Coordination System can no longer be used. Instead a Portal was being built.


The Portal will have the following functionalities: retrieve flight, add flight, modify flight, waitlist, slot availability etc.


Full access* will be granted to:


          any airline requesting one, provided it has a valid operating license and AOC. The applying airline might be requested to send a copy of the operating license and AOC;

          slot coordinators and facilitators requesting one for the airport(s) of their country.


Read access shall be granted to

         any Civil Aviation Authority and other national and local authorities requesting one for the airport(s) of their country;

         any ANSP requesting one for the airport(s) of their country;

         any Airport Management Body requesting one for its airport(s);

         slot coordinators and facilitators for other airports than the one(s) of their country. 


In principle no access shall be granted to other entities such as brokers, fuel companies, catering firms, consultancy companies, journalists, community organisations, independent agencies, etc.


The application form to apply for access can be downloaded here.

*(GA) operators will get full access too. GA however is not yet included in the Portal. This will be implemented in phase 2 (2014).

Latest News

  • Capacity declaration RTM W15 - version 1
  • Capacity declaration EIN W15 - version 1
  • Capacity declaration AMS W15
  • Capacity declaration RTM S15 - version 4
  • Capacity declaration EIN S15 - version 3

News & Events

  • SHL W14: Airport Coordination Netherlands will collect all your comments and remarks and will come back to you between 6 - 8 May 2015 
  • IATA Slot Conference (SC136) 23-25 June 2015, Vancouver

Schedules Calendar

Activities during Winter 2014 & Summer 2015

  • 15JAN2015   Slot Return Deadline S15
  • 31JAN2015   Historics Baseline Date S15
  • 29MAR2015  Start of S15 season
  • 27APR2015   SHL Deadline W15
  • 14MAY2015  Agreed Historics Deadline W15
  • 21MAY2015  Initial Submission Deadline W15
  • 09JUN2015  IATA AppCal opened to coordinators
  • 11JUN2015  SAL Deadline W15
  • 15JUN2015  IATA AppCal opened to airlines
  • 23JUN2015  IATA SC136 in Vancouver (until 25JUN)
  • 15AUG2015 Slot Return Deadline W15
  • 31AUG2015 Historics Baseline Date W15