You have reached the website of Airport Coordination Netherlands. Any operator of an aircraft can only land or take off at a coordinated airport after having obtained slots.

Airport Coordination Netherlands allocates slots at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport

WARN & NOTE messages from HBD S17

In accordance with IATA WSG art. 8.6.2. Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL) as per HBD S17 has started to send out WARN & NOTE messages.
With this type of messages ACNL informs airlines of series of slots with percentages approaching the 80% rate (WARN) compared to HBD, as well of the situation when a series of slots compared to HBD has dropped down the 80% rate (NOTE).

Telephone Consultation

ACNL introduces weekly consultation hours to cater to your questions regarding slot application and slot monitoring. You will be able to speak directly with a Slotcoordinator.The answers provided are only for information purposes.
Office hour times:
Every Wednesday between 14:00 to 16:00 (AMS LT)
Please note:
Only Applicable for slot applicants (airlines and aircraft operators).
Requests for changes of slots will not be accepted by phone.
Should the line be busy we kindly ask you to try again.
Outside the office hours the slotcoordinator can be reached by sending an email to info@slotcoordination.nl

GA coordination S17

As of S17 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol introduced a limit on the seasonal volume. Unlike previous years ACN in not allowed to overbook with the result that after the initial allocation initially 60,000 slots (Commercial Aviation) were waitlisted without an allocated slot.

According to the EU Regulation ACN should give priority to Commercial Aviation to be able to allocate handback at the times that are currently waitlisted. Due to this reason the coordination of General Aviation is not possible at this moment.

ACN will publish an update regarding the situation and development two weeks prior to the start of S17.

S17 capacity- Update
31 January 2017
Actual remaining capacity from W16 will NOT be added to the S17 capacity before EoS W16

According to the Capacity Declaration AMS S17, the difference between the declared capacity and the actual number of movements in W16 may be added to the capacity on S17 on a non-historical basis.

ACNL requested Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to already release part of the unused capacity in W16 for allocation on a non-historical basis in S17, anticipating on the closing of the W16 season.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol however decided not to release any W16 capacity before the closing of the season. 

Slot Return Deadline

With reference to Art. 10, par. 3, of EU Council Regulation 95/93, and par 9.15.1 of the IATA WSG I would like to strongly urge you and remind you:

1. that airlines MUST return all series of slots that they do not intend to operate at a level 3 airport (i.c. AMS, RTM and EIN) no later  than the Slot Return deadline date of 15 January 2017;
2. that ad hoc cancellations should be made on or before the Historic Baseline Date of 23:59 UTC on 31 January 2017 (WSG par. 9.15.2).

Note that SACN will maintain a list of airlines that return series of slots after the Slot Return Deadline (WSG 9.15.3). This list will indicate the total number of slots held by each airline on the Slot Return Deadline, compared with the total number of slots held by each airline at the start and end of the season, to show the percentage of each airline¿s holdings at the airport on these dates.
Care will be taken in interpreting these figures as they may include the cancellation of slots for operational reasons (for example, closure of airport or airspace) or commercial reasons (for example, public holidays).

AMS S17 post IATA-conference appointment

Airlines having requested slots at AMS during IATA S17 -that have waitlist entries- are invited for an appointment at the ACN premises at Amsterdam airport Schiphol.

Selected dates (no other dates possible):

  • Monday 12 December, 2016
  • Thursday 22 December, 2016

During an appointment with the coordinator the airline does have the possibility to seek for schedules optimization.

An appointment could also be an opportunity to share latest forecasts with the coordinator , vice versa.

Maximum duration of an appointment is 20 minutes.

Maximum 1 appointment per airline.

Request should be applied for by email to address : info@slotcoordination.nl Airport Coordination Netherlands will reply as soon as possible on your request however confirmation may take up to 3 business days.

Online Coordination

AMS S17 online coordination will be possible until further notice. (Until then accessible in read-only modus however possible to retrieve e.g. SIR, WIR).

EIN S17 & RTM S17 online coordination is now possible.

New procedure W16 - GA EIN

As per the start of IATA Winter Season 2016 (30 OCT 2016), general and business aviation at Eindhoven Airport will no longer be slot coordinated. More information

Requests for night slot

Since the number of unplanned night movements has been increasing continuously and substantially over the past period,  with effect from July 1st , 2016 ad hoc night slot requests will no longer be granted during the remainder of S16 in order not to exceed the total number of night movements allowed. 

•         The maximum capacity in operational year 2017 (1 Nov 2016 – 31 Oct 2017) is restricted to 500,000 movements.               
•         This cap may NOT be exceeded                                                             
•         Hence the declared capacity for W16 and S17 has been determined at 185,000 and 313,740 slots (total 498,740).
•         Within this capacity a target of 10,000 actual night movements (excluding General Aviation) for W16 should be taken into account for the allocation of night slots that are not eligible for historic precedence (non-historic/ad hoc night slots).
Non-historic/ad hoc night slots in W16
•         Non-historic/ad hoc night slots are allocated in anticipation of hand back of historic night slots and unused night movements1
•         This allocation is based on a prognosis
•         A reliable prognoses can be made once the W16 season has developed for several weeks.
•         ACN decided to wait till the winter season has further proceeded in order to have more reliable results before allocating non-historic/ad hoc  night slots for the remainder of W16
1 night slots2 that have been used but did not lead to a night movement3
2 night departure slot: Departure slot in the period 21:40 – 05:59 UTC
   night arrival slot: arrival slot in the period 22:00 – 06:19 UTC
3 night movement: departure or arrival with a runway time in the bracket 23:00 – 06:59 Local Time.  

•         Currently no non-historic/ad hoc night slots are being allocated
•         Airlines are urged to continuously keep their waitlist up to date according to their actual demand
•         ACN will publish an update about the situation and developments via this website.

Out of office 

When Airport Coordination Netherlands is not available, slot management can be done via www.e-airportslots.aero

Air France-KLM / Delta / Alitalia Transatlantic Joint Venture – Slot Release Procedure for IATA Summer 2017 Season

On 12 May 2015, the European Commission adopted a decision under Article 9 of Regulation 1/2003 in relation to the transatlantic joint venture agreement between Air France/KLM, Alitalia and Delta (‘the Parties’). The decision made the commitments offered by the joint venture parties legally binding (case AT.39964).

Under the commitments, the Parties offered to make landing and take-off slots available at Amsterdam and/or New York airports (JFK or Newark) to enable competing airlines to operate a daily service on the Amsterdam-New York route, as well as slots at Rome and/or New York (JFK and Newark) to enable competing airlines to operate a daily service on the Rome-New York route.

Applications for slots for IATA Summer 2017 Season
Smith & Williamson LLP has been appointed by the European Commission as the Monitoring Trustee to monitor the implementation of commitments given by the Parties.
The Monitoring Trustee is inviting applications for slots for IATA Summer 2017 Season on the following routes:

  • Amsterdam– New York (JFK or Newark airports) (up to 7 slots per week)
  • Rome – New York (JFK or Newark airports) (up to 7 slots per week)

Airlines which wish to apply for slots on these routes must follow the procedure set out on the Monitoring Trustee's dedicated website, available here:

Published: 21 July 2016


Runway closure:

  • no air traffic is possible due scheduled work in progress from Sunday 29MAY2016 21:30 UTC (23:30 LT) until Thursday 16JUN2016 05:00 UTC (07:00 LT). This is also indicated in paragraph B.4. of the capacity declaration for S16.
  • paragraph B.4. of the capacity declaration for S16 has to be interpretated as decribed in Slot allocation procedure closure period EIN in S16

Online Portal


Please use our portal e-Airportslots for your online slot management.

The Portal has the following functionalities: retrieve flight, add flight, modify flight, waitlist, slot availability etc.

Full access* will be granted to:

  • Any airline requesting one, provided it has a valid operating license and AOC. The applying airline might be requested to send a copy of the operating license and AOC; 
  • Slot coordinators and facilitators requesting one for the airport(s) of their country;
  • (GA) operators (NB a GA operator can either apply for slots through e-Airportslots , or through a handler at AMS. A combination is not possible.)

Read access shall be granted to

  • any Civil Aviation Authority and other national and local authorities requesting one for the airport(s) of their country;
  • any ANSP requesting one for the airport(s) of their country;
  • any Airport Management Body requesting one for its airport(s);
  • slot coordinators and facilitators for other airports than the one(s) of their country.

In principle no access shall be granted to other entities such as brokers, fuel companies, catering firms, consultancy companies, journalists, community organisations, independent agencies, etc.

The application form to apply for access can be downloaded here.

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Schedules Calendar

Activities during Summer 2016 & Winter 2016/2017

  • 31AUG2016   Historics Baseline Date
  • 12SEP2016    SHL Deadline
  • 29SEP2016    Agreed Historics Deadline 
  • 06OCT2016   Initial Submission Deadline
  • 25OCT2016   IATA AppCal opened to coordinators
  • 27OCT2016   SAL Deadline (no later than)
  • 31OCT2016   IATA AppCal opened to airlines
  • 08NOV2016   IATA SC139 in Atlanta (until 11NOV)
  • 15JAN2017    Slot Return Deadline
  • 31JAN2017    Historics Baseline Date





On this website you will find general information about all stages of the allocation process as well as detailed information relating the actual situation at the three coordinated airports.

With reference to Article 4 , paragraph 8, of Council Regulation 95/93 as amended, SACN will share information regarding historical slots, requested slots, allocated slots, remaining slots and details on the criteira being used in the allocation with interested parties only.  Within the European Airport Coordinators Association the following entities are considered as "interested parties":

  • The airport managing body with respect to data for the coordinated airport for which it is responsible (the airport has to prepare for the operation of the coordinated flights)
  • The appropriate ATC/ATS office and Eurocontrol for the same reasons
  • Air carriers and other operators (including general aviation) using the airport regularly
  • European, national or regional authorities, the latter for their respective airports, having a genuine interest in receiving the schedule information according to article 4.8 of the EU Slot Regulation
  • Other members and regular observers of the coordination committee in charge of the airport concerned in order to assist them with their duties at the coordination committee
  • Air carrier associations, provided they are members of the coordination committee of the airport concerned.


As you experience our website, we would appreciate to receive any comments or suggestions you might have at info@slotcoordination.nl.